Ready to choose the exterior shutter of your dreams?

How to choose and order the right shutter for your project: Each collection offers several versatile shutter styles delivering a lifetime of elegant, maintenance free beauty.


You have 5 exterior shutter styles to choose from:


1. Fixed louver panel exterior shutters
2. Raised panel exterior shutters
3. Combination panel exterior shutters
4. Board and Batten panel exterior shutters
5. Bahama/Bermuda panel exterior shutters


Exterior Bahama or Bermuda Style Panels
They were originally designed for the tropics and are often used for sun screening and moderate storm protection, where one shutter panel will usually cover the entire window. These shutters are hinged at the top of the window and open from the bottom and can be propped open with a support arm for visibility, while blocking out the intense UV sunlight that can damage the integrity of your home's interior, but will allow the soft ambient light and refreshing breezes to pass through. They feature beautiful functionality and authentic Caribbean style with a touch of quaint tropical charm.

Step # 1: Measure the width, then the height you need
Step # 2: What size louver of the 3 available sizes will look best with your home?
Note: All stiles and sub-stiles will be 2” and the panel thickness will be 1-3/8”

Bahama and Bermuda Shutter Specs

Bahama Style Shutters

Exterior Bahama Panel Shutters