Ready to choose the exterior shutter of your dreams?

How to choose and order the right shutter for your project: Each collection offers several versatile shutter styles delivering a lifetime of elegant, maintenance free beauty.


You have 5 exterior shutter styles to choose from:


1. Fixed louver panel exterior shutters
2. Raised panel exterior shutters
3. Combination panel exterior shutters
4. Board and Batten panel exterior shutters
5. Bahama/Bermuda panel exterior shutters


Exterior Board and Batten Panels
The hearty Board and Batten shutters are traditionally used on barns, and is a magnificent choice no matter where your house is located. Choose either “open” or “closed” Boards and give your house a hint of rustic elegance. With their bold dimension and solid strength, the board and batten styles are classic standards for French Country, Cottage and Spanish style homes. They are frequently used on single-story homes, barns and cottages, and provide a “country” look. These shutters are constructed using wide or narrow plank vertical boards, with horizontal cross member called battens. The vertical boards are positioned side by side to created the desired width and can be tightly positioned (closed) or with a 3/8” gap between board (open).

Step # 1: Measure the width, then the height you need
Step # 2: Select “open board” or “closed board”

Note: The distance from the bottom of the panel to the bottom batten will be 5”. If you would like any cross member battens tell us when you call to order.

Board and Batten Specs

Board and Batten Shutters