Ready to choose the exterior shutter of your dreams?

How to choose and order the right shutter for your project: Each collection offers several versatile shutter styles delivering a lifetime of elegant, maintenance free beauty.


You have 5 exterior shutter styles to choose from:


1. Fixed louver panel exterior shutters
2. Raised panel exterior shutters
3. Combination panel exterior shutters
4. Board and Batten panel exterior shutters
5. Bahama/Bermuda panel exterior shutters


Exterior Combination Panels
These shutter panels combine louvers on top and a raised panel below and meet the requirements of architects and homeowners seeking the utmost in unique style. They allow you the full creativity of combining design elements of our raised panel and louvers shutters.

Step # 1: Measure the width, then the height you need
Step # 2: Do you want a divider rail? All divider rails will be centered in the panel. (Special order available upon request.)
Step # 3: Determine what you want in the lower section of the panel? Raised panel or louvers? If louvers, what size louver form the 3 available sizes will look best?
Step # 4: What do you want in the upper section of the panel? Raised panel or louvers? If louvers, what size louver?
Step # 5: Will the panels be painted or stained.

That's all you need. Just call and order.

Combination Exterior Shutter Panels

Combination Shutters

Exterior Combination Shutter Panels