Pick up, Delivery or Shipping:
We will call you as soon as your order is ready.

1. You can pick them up at our showroom/factory facility


2. We can deliver them to your home or job site


3. We can ship them to you. We are proud of our shipping history. We can ship our exterior shutters nationwide right to your house. Standard Size panels usually ship within 2 to 3 weeks. Standard size orders are shipped by UPS ground or FedEx ground. The packing and shipping charge is 8.5% of the order total cost (minimum $20.00). Oversized panels require a higher than standard shipping charge. Actual delivery times are determined by carrier's schedules, so we cannot guarantee delivery dates, however, when your order ships, we will notify you by e-mail which will include tracking numbers enabling you to track your shutters on line. You can expect our high quality and service in your purchase and we encourage you to inspect your shipment upon receipt.


Once you receive our shutters, examine your purchase and double check that we have met your expectations. Upon inspection, you will notice an exceptional product, and you will be ready to install our shutters yourself.


Painting or staining your exterior shutters:

When you receive your shutters, they will be sanded and ready for primer and paint. Proper surface preparation and priming ensures a beautiful and long lasting finish. It is critical that the primer coat provides 100% (all 6 sides) coverage in preparation of the finish top coat. So the panels must be finished before installation. Paint can be applied with a brush, but for a professional looking finished product, we recommend using an airless spray system so that the paint can reach between and around the louvers, in all joints and seams. First apply a primer coat of an oil based primer tinted close to your chosen finished color. After sanding the primer, apply 2 coats of premium grade exterior latex paint for the perfect finish. Your shutter panels can be stained with finishing products designed specifically for outdoor or marine use.


Exterior shutter installation:

The panels should not be attached flush with the exterior wall, since moisture can be trapped behind the panels. The shutters should be screwed or lagged to the exterior surface of the house with rust proof screws. Pre-drill and countersink all screw holes and attach a rubber washer between the back of the shutter and the building so as to allow the water and ventilation to pass between the shutter and the exterior surface of the house. Fill the screw holes with wood filler or calking and touch up paint as required. These simple instructions explain everything you need to know to install your shutters yourself and to enjoy your new shutters without the need to hire someone to help you install them. You are easily turned into an installation professional, but we're still here to help if you need us. To protect your shutters, we will also send you a free exterior shutter cap to protect them from moisture. It is made of bonderized aluminum which can be painted. To attach the cap protector, just add a bead of calk to the top of the panel and squeeze the cap on (no screws or nails)